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March 22, 2021


Dr. Timothy M. Hill


Lee University Leadership Commitment to Doctrinal Integrity

In recent days, you may have heard or seen statements concerning a Lee University chapel service where a non-faculty guest speaker addressed sexual orientation, sexual identity and marriage in a manner contrary to Scripture, teachings, and foundational doctrine of Lee University and its sponsoring denomination, the Church of God.

The International Executive Committee shared their concerns and those of many ministers with Dr. Mark Walker, President, and the leadership of Lee University.  Dr. Walker was already moving proactively focusing upon the situation.  The Executive Committee wishes to share with Church of God ministers and constituents that Dr. Walker, in cooperation with the Committee, began immediately to address the issue firmly providing Biblical correction and doctrinal understanding for the student body of Lee.

Dr. Walker and the Lee University team released a formal statement regarding the presentation and, further, Dr. Walker scheduled the next chapel service to speak with the student body providing clarity of the Biblical foundation of Lee University and the doctrine upon which the university was founded and built.

During the process, the International Executive Committee maintained regular communications with Dr. Walker.  In addition, Church of God leaders, including the Executive Council and state/regional administrative bishops, were kept informed through email (March 5) and a subsequent Zoom conference (March 10).

The Executive Committee affirms the leadership actions of Dr. Walker and the commitment of Lee University to doctrinal integrity and practice.

Relevant issues of marriage and sexuality must be predicated upon a sound Biblical perspective and church doctrine.  The beliefs and commitments of the Church of God are our non-negotiables and should be clearly taught based upon the authority of Scripture.  

As we move forward, our prayer is that God will continue to strengthen, provide guidance and spiritual direction to President Walker, Lee University, and the Church of God fulfilling the Great Commission as a church on mission.

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