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As the world navigates through the complexities of dealing with the coronavirus issue, please be aware that the Church of God takes very seriously the health of all our ministers, employees, and church attenders. It is our plan to assure that every possible consideration and precaution is taken. This page, provided by Church of God Communications, contains information and links to resources that can help your church and church related events navigate the proper procedures to maintain safe environments.

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Q&As on New PPP Loans and “Second Draw” PPP Loans

On December 28, 2020, President Trump signed the “omnibus” appropriations legislation that contained $900 billion in COVID-19 relief. A third of the funds were set aside to re-open the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), offering forgivable loans for both new and second loans...

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SBA Opens New Round of PPP Loans, Including Second Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA), in consultation with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, recently announced that the loan program under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will re-open the week of January 11...

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Additional PPP Money Approved

As a part of legislation passed by Congress in the final days of this legislative session - and signed into law by President Trump on Dec. 27th, additional funds were included for the Paycheck Protection Program...

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PPP Forgiveness Underway

After substantial delays, lenders across the country are now accepting forgiveness applications for loans obtained through the CARES Act. Under the massive stimulus legislation passed in late March 2020, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) provided assistance to small businesses...


Covid-19: Priority Report

The highly complicated, detailed, and strenuous process of coming to a decision to postpone the 78th International General Assembly because of the Covid-19 pandemic was a history-making event in the Church of God. To preserve that history, a 28-page publication has been released which explores the process, timeline, historical precedence, and authority granted by the Minutes to arrive at the decision to postpone.


COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool Available

Church of God pastors and congregations have been granted access to a county-level calculator that allows the user to estimate risk of COVID-19 exposure at events based upon...


Secure Church Safety Program

Our friend and church security/safety expert, Tim Miller with Secure Church, has produced the attached 8-minute video dealing with the issue of protests against churches. In a time when churches are the subject of protest for a variety of reasons, including re-opening during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it would be a wise investment of time for every pastor to watch this informative video on how to handle potential protests.

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PPP Loan Program Extended until August 8

In another bipartisan effort, both houses of Congress, working with the White House, extended the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through August 8, 2020. 


The CARES Act initially called for the loan program to end as of June 30. However...


House and Senate Approve PPP Fixes

After a series of fits and starts, the United States Senate approved the House version of the “fixes” for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The legislation, known as H.R. 7010, was passed by the House last week and then adopted by unanimous consent last night in the...



During an afternoon press conference, President Donald J. Trump designated all houses of worship as “essential places that provide essential services” and called on churches to be opened across the country, regardless of...

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General Overseer Dr. Timothy M. Hill Discusses the presidents Call for Churches to Reopen

Click the link to the left or below to view this special video message from Dr. Hill concerning the Presidents call to reopen churches.


Application for PPP Loan Forgiveness Now Available

On Friday, May 15, 2020, the Small Business Administration released the application that must be filed to seek forgiveness for loans received under the Paycheck Protection (PPP) provision of the CARES Act. While the application to receive a PPP loan was only four pages long, the Loan Forgiveness...

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Join Dr. Tim Hill and guests for a special Covid - 19 Response Update at 7pm this evening. You can watch via the church of god facebook page or by clicking the links below for either the English or Spanish stream.


“Necessity” of Paycheck Protection Program Loans Clarified

After weeks of uncertainty and many small businesses, including chuches, returning loan funds, the Small Business Administration (SBA) finally issued guidance regarding the good faith certification of the “necessity” requirement of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans...

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International Offices Announces Re-Opening Plan

The Church of God International Offices (i.e. Headquarters), shut down since

mid-March due to Covid-19, has announced a soft re-opening beginning the week of May 3-9,



global ministers meeting livestream covid-19/ga20 update

On Thursday, April 29 at 1:00 pm EST, General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill hosted a special livestream event for all Church of God ministers that is now available to watch in full at the link below...


Opening Up Our Churches After Coronavirus - An Early View

The patterns that are forming and that will be carried out in church involvement now certainly are fluid and will vary significantly from place to place.  An important question now is: “Where do you live?” Each state has its own set of guidelines and...

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Ministerial Housing Allowance Determined to be “Payroll Costs”

Since the passage of the CARES Act on March 27, 2020, there has been much debate concerning whether ministerial housing allowance could be included as a part of “payroll costs.” Initially, the Small Business Administration...

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Opening Up Our Churches After Coronavirus - An Early View

The patterns that are forming and that will be carried out in church involvement now certainly are fluid and will vary significantly from place to place.  An important question now is: “Where do you live?” Each state has its own set of guidelines and...


New Round of PPP Funding Approved

By an overwhelming bipartisan recorded vote earlier today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a new stimulus package, commonly called “Stimulus 3.5,” and forwarded the measure to the White House for...


Rise Again Facebook Live Broadcast

A special "Rise Again" Easter Sunday Evening broadcast featuring Doyle Dykes, Danny Murray, Goodman Revival, The Hoppers, and Sisters. The event will be hosted by General Overseer, Dr. Tim Hill.

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Good Friday facebook live prayer broadcast

A very special Facebook Live events: Good Friday Prayer broadcast. Please make plans to join us!


Livestream Update on Covid-19 for All Ministers

On Friday, April 3 at 1:00 pm EST, General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill hosted a special livestream event for all Church of God ministers that is now available to watch in full at the link below...


Your church might be eligible to receive an sba loan

As you may be aware, on Friday, March 27, 2020, President Trump signed into law the massive $2.2 trillion stimulus bill, known as the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act,” or the “CARES Act.” Of interest to our churches, the bill contains a $367 billion...

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5 Things you need to know about digital giving

COVID-19 has completely disrupted the way we approach church. That’s not new information anymore. For the last several weeks, as social distancing has become a way of life, you’ve had to face some tough questions...

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Dedicated to Sustain, Devoted to Strengthen, Determined to Secure

I have been asked, “What will the Church of God International Offices do to stand with and assist the local church and its pastor as we move through the Covid-19 crisis?” Specifically, I have been asked if it is possible to...


the church has left the building

After this past Sunday, there is no doubt that the church has left the building. While some churches had canceled services the previous week, on March 22 most Church of God buildings across the country were dark, with the exception of the pastor preaching to empty pews, and to...

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hope for tomorrow fACEBOOK live worship event

Re-watch this special worship event. It was an evening of hope and encouragement that saw a total live viewership of over 70,000!

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Should We Have Church Services?

“Should we have church services this week?” In the church “world,” there is probably no question that is being asked more often than that single question. While there is no easy answer, I think...

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Covid-19 livestream roundtable

Dr. Tim Hill hosted a Facebook live roundtable with special guests to give practical advice and share resources on how churches can effectively respond to the Covid-19 Outbreak.

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Covid-19 Response Steps for a Confirmed Case In Your Church

This resource includes a step by step checklist for addressing a confirmed case of the Corona virus in your church. Also included is a sample letter you can use to inform the congregation.


Practical Suggestions for Churches

As we navigate through these uncharted waters dealing with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, every organization seems to have a list of suggestions of how to survive. In light of those ideas, I thought it would be helpful to offer some specific suggestions...

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General Overseer Calls for Prayer

to Stop Coronavirus 

As more and more cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) are reported across the United States and around the world, Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, is calling for a day of prayer...

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Statement on COVID-19

by Dr. James Marcum, M.D.

Everything in this world includes viruses. However, we know Who is in control. Famines and pestilences are to be expected, but this is our chance to pray and glorify God in all things. Others are watching...

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On Wednesday, March 11, 2020 we began unloading the trucks and setting up for Smoky Mountain Winterfest. Early this morning, the University of Tennessee notified us that, regretfully...

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The Youth and Discipleship Department and the Church of God leadership has been informed this morning that the University of Tennessee/Knoxville has cancelled the use of the venue where Smoky Mountain Winterfest was scheduled to be held...

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“As we hear more and more news reports, I wanted to once again reach out to our church family and let you know that we are continuously monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Since the World Health Organization has today classified the outbreak as pandemic...

Helpful resources and links



Visit this site to find information about the ongoing investigation concerning this outbreak. This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available.



On this website you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).



This webpage provides information for workers and employers about the evolving coronavirus outbreak