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The Executive Committee Provides Resource of Recent Responses to Racists Actions in the United States. 

"Racism Is Sin..." Statement

Dr. Timothy M. Hill

Racism is sin. God despises it. It’s not a matter of “We Must Do Better.” It’s a matter of all people are created equal. Brutality & murder must stop, whether from a citizen or those in authority.” People of all races must be protected, respected and have the right live without fear. 

I especially want to express to the African American community, my heart grieves for you. By many, your plight has long been tolerated and by some, even ignored. I am sorry. Please forgive us. As a spiritual leader, I recognize that there is a crying need in the body to acknowledge this problem, engage in meaningful solutions and then act upon them in purposeful ways. If we as the church of Jesus Christ, will be taken seriously in this world, then our rhetoric must give way to serious and substantial outcomes that testify of hearts blended and beating in unity. 

Certainly, I call on the Church of God to pray for healing and reconciliation. However, it is also time that our actions demonstrate our most well intended words. May we, with our acts of brotherly love, work toward justice and liberty for people of every ethnicity. May we also exemplify honor and respect toward all as we vehemently resist the sin of racism in every way.

May 27, 2020

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Dr. Timothy M. Hill

May 27, 2020

Faith News Article

May 28, 2020

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Dr. Timothy M. Hill

May 29, 2020

Dr. Timothy M. Hill, as a member of the NAE Executive Board, makes available the following statement from:

National Association of Evangelicals

May 31, 2020

Pentecost Sunday LiveStream

Church of God

June 1, 2020

Article from NHCLC calling for justice and reform

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference




Sacramento - Today, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, issues the following statement.  He is joined by national Christian leaders, Tim Hill, Jentezen Franklin and Chris Hodges. 


“The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference join with Christian leaders throughout the United States to stand with our African American brothers and sisters during this critical time in America's history. 


“We come together for the purpose of  confronting once again the giant of bigotry and racism with the stones or righteousness and justice. This giant of racism must come down!


“Silence is not an option. Complacency makes us complicit.  


“I call upon my fellow Christian leaders to join us in a call for justice and reform. Our call for justice is for George Floyd, Ahmed Arbery, and others like them, but our call for reform is an acknowledgement that that we have yet to thoroughly root vestiges of bigotry and racism that hinder and obstruct truth between our communities of color and those who claim to serve and to protect them. These systemic injustices must be addressed; they must be purged from our system, once-and-for-all.


“Trust must be forged between the African American community, all communities of color, and those in authority. As Christian leaders we must do our part recognizing the truth and demonstrating our love in solidarity and in action.


“We issue this call from the center, not the political center, but from the prophetic center where righteousness and justice, grace and truth meet in order to bring peace to all those human beings made equally in the image of God.”

June 3, 2020

International Executive Committee Affirms Church of God Resolutions Regarding Racism

Social Graphic ResolutionsArtboard 1.jpg

International Executive Committee Affirms Church of God Resolutions Regarding Racism


Cleveland, TN—The Church of God General Assembly has addressed the issue of racism with numerous resolutions over past decades. As a proactive move regarding recent developments, the International Executive Committee has made numerous statements strongly condemning recent acts of racism in America.

In their discussions, the Executive Committee led by General Overseer, Tim Hill, have reaffirmed resolutions adopted by past General Assembly gatherings focused upon this topic. Hill states, “These resolutions remind us that we must be a movement dedicated and committed to the respect, honor, and dignity of every person, regardless of race, creed or color. Further, these resolutions also represent this Pentecostal denomination’s commitment to the sanctity of human life and the sacred responsibility we have to speak out against bigotry and racism in every form.”

A resolution was adopted at the 2000 International General Assembly, which convened in St. Louis, MO. It clearly confirmed the significant commitment of the Church of God “towards the elimination of racism and bigotry, corporately identifying racism and bigotry as sinful hindrances which prevent us from truly realizing brotherhood and Christian love within and outside the body of the international church and the many peoples and races which it reaches and encompasses.”

The resolution, “RACISM AND ETHNIC DISPARITY (2000)” represents one of three resolutions addressing the subject of human rights, racism, and ethnic disparity.

To read this resolution in its entirety and all resolutions adopted by the Church of God General Assembly, visit

June 8, 2020

Facebook Post

Dr. Timothy M. Hill

This note from Mike Dodson, Pastor of Tree of Life, Lynchburg, Va came to me last Thursday. I only discovered it late Sunday evening. Tree of Life is an affiliate congregation with the International Pentecostal Holinnes Church with a membership of 6,300 people, and according to pastor Dodson, represents a beautifully multi-cultural constituency with more than 55% of African Descent. I’m honored that my statement from almost two weeks ago, could be of assistance to his congregation. 


His note begins, “Good evening, this is Mike Dodson at Tree of Life in Lynchburg Va. I just wanted to say thank you for what you wrote about racism. I read it to the church tonight and have adopted it for Tree of Life and told them it came from you the General Overseer of Church of God. 


As a Pastor of a multi-racial church 55% African Descent, I needed to hear from God. I heard Him through you, thank you sir I pray great blessings on the Church of God.

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